Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Position Statement on Youth Resistance Training

In this month's issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, a group of experts representing the National Strength and Conditioning Association updated the NSCA's recommendations for youth resistance training.
The group, let by Dr Avery Feigenbaum , concluded that:

"A properly designed and supervised resistance training program":

  • is relatively safe for youth.
  • can enhance the muscular strength and power of youth.
  • can improve the cardiovascular risk profile of youth.
  • can improve motor skill performance and may contribute to enhanced sports performance of youth.
  • can increase a young athlete's resistance to sports-related injuries.
  • can help improve the psychosocial well-being of youth.
  • can help promote and develop exercise habits during childhood and adolescence.

Safe to say that I agree with all of their conclusions, but before you run off and buy some big weights for your U12 team, I highly encourage you to read this report's recommendations about how to train, how much to train, how often to train, and how important it is to eat and sleep properly so that the body can best benefit from a graduated resistance training program.

For best results, work with a certified strength and conditioning coach who has experience in training youth and not just some trainer who makes kids puke by overdoing it on workouts designed for NBA players.


Gordon said...

My son is on an AAU basketball team. He is doing well but runs flat footed. He is NOT technically flat footed just runs that way. Any ideas how to fix it? Any ideas about what basketball shoes to buy?

Doctor J said...

Hi Gordon,
Thanks for the question.
Can't address your son's specific needs, but I'll bang out a quick blog about some recommended basketball shoes. Stay tuned.

Gordon said...

much appreciated