Monday, November 10, 2008

Don't Stretch Like Your Grandmother

AP Photo/Kevin Sanders

A recent article in the New York Times' "Play" magazine section gave a good overview about how out of date warm-up stretching practices are at all levels of sport, including basketball.
The article, available at
discusses the importance of using a dynamic, movement-based warm-up routine to improve performance and (possibly) reduce the risk of injury.

Want to learn some good pre-game and pre-practice stretches?
Take a look at this video:
Even though it's done as a tennis warm-up, many of the stretches are useful before playing basketball.

While static stretches (like the ones the Hot Pink Grannies team is doing above) are great to do after practice and games, those in the know are incorporating dynamic routines. Now that you know, be sure you warm up the "new" and improved way.

Better be ready. Those Grannies got game.


Brian McCormick said...


I had this question in my response to my newsletter: what about yoga as a pre-practice routine? Since it is a static stretch, is it a negative, or are there benefits to yoga before training since people tout its ability to improve flexibility and improve blood flow?

Doctor J said...

Hi Brian,
I think yoga (and pilates) would be excellent adjunct training interventions, especially for athletes who need to improve their flexibility, core strength, and breath control.
However, I don't think yoga poses are best used as a warm-up for other exercises.