Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A "Tri" for an Eye

A recent Parade Magazine article , encouraged readers who play sports to wear protective lenses designed for their particular sport. In a previous blog entry on this subject, I only mentioned the use of polycarbonate lenses.

If you're playing basketball and need to wear protective eyewear like Rec-Specs, you might consider trying out a newer material, called Trivex.

Trivex is somehwat stronger, clearer, and lighter than polycarbonate.

Most importantly for basketball players, Trivex lenses reportedly decrease the distortion that occurs when objects are viewed away from the optical center. This might make objects in your peripheral vision more clear, improving your on-court vision.

Would it help enough to justify its higher cost (Some websites list Trivex about $25 to $40 more expensive than polycarbonate)? There's no good data on that yet.

But if it's important to you, you might consider using Trivex instead of polycarbonate lenses the next time you need new sport glasses.

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