Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Short End of the Stick

I just read an article discussing the recent increase in use of steroids by young athletes. These players take illegal medicines to make them stronger in the hopes that this will help them become better players, college prospects, and NBA draft picks.

Some young players, the article says, start this as early as middle school !

While there are many (many) reasons not to use steroids in the pursuit of better performance on the basketball court, here's another one for aspiring young basketball players to consider:

The use of steroids has been linked to shortened stature.
What does this mean in English?
On top of all the other side effects it can cause - USING STEROIDS CAN MAKE YOU SHORTER as an adult. (It won't shrink you, but may cause you to grow less than you should).
Last I checked, most basketball players want to be taller, not shorter.
Keep that in mind when someone suggests using steroids as a way to get stronger.

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