Monday, March 10, 2008

Work = Play (Better)

Watching Danny Green dunk, score and defend during the latest installment of the UNC-Duke men's basketball rivalry, I couldn't help but think back to a summer morning, almost 2 years ago.

I was observing a mid-morning summertime workout run for a few UNC basketball players, including Danny(pictured above).

While most UNC students were away on summer break (or sleeping in at home) that day, he and others were down in the depths of the Dean Smith Center, completing what was then a daily series of sprints, agility drills, and weight lifting. Day in and day out, they would come in ths morning to increase their strength, stamina, and fitness. They would then come back in the afternoon and evening to work on their skills.

I remember thinking to myself that this is what it takes to be a great basketball player... not just the gifts of size and ability, not just practicing on the court, but the constant dedication to improve yourself.

Remember That - Becoming the best basketball player you can be takes time and effort. Daily care of your body (sleeping and eating right), making the time to work out off the court (and recover from it) and learning new skills and knowledge on the court all combine to make you a better and more valuable teammate.

So, as the weather gets warmer, and you start to think about how you'll be spending your time off from school, take a few moments.
Think about what you want to accomplish.
Think about how you can get there.
Then make the decision to put in the work it will take.

Regardless of how his team does in the upcoming ACC and NCAA tournaments, Danny Green and his teammates will be spending their upcoming Summer mornings in the Smith Center, working out, and getting ready for the next season.

Where will you be?

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