Saturday, October 13, 2007

Wear Your Mouthguard

Sad to see Mike Copeland go down early last night at UNC's opening night scrimmage. Reports are that an elbow to the face loosened a couple of his front teeth.

I've always pulled for him since he came to Carolina and worked hard with Strength and Conditioning Coach Jonas Sahratian to overcome some past injuries.

For a 20-minute exhibition scrimmage, it was an intense game, especially in the paint. If this is how they compete in a scrimmage, imagine what it's going to be like during practice! Games might be tame by comparison.

While intense competition in practice is nothing new for this team, I have one suggestion for Mr. Copeland. If you're going to be going up against Deon Thompson, Alex Stephenson, and Tyler Hansbrough in practice everyday, please, please wear your mouthguard.

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