Friday, June 1, 2007

Why This Blog?

Basketball is a beautiful game.
The flow: the movement: the constantly changing challenges: the chance to work with others while you lose yourself in the game.

It’s something that I’ve enjoyed throughout my life.
And I’m not alone…almost 450 million people play basketball somewhere on the planet.

Whether it’s in front of millions of people at the NBA or FIBA Championships or just shooting hoops on a makeshift court, people are loving the game.

My love began when I started playing in an instructional league at the age of 5.
I got the “Jones” then and there.

Now, almost 40 years later, I recognize that, while it offers physical, social, and other benefits, playing basketball can lead to injuries in the young and old.

Injuries cause pain, can cost thousands of dollars in medical care and rehabilitation, and can change the course of your life. Some may say it’s “the price you pay to play”, but many of these injuries can be prevented if the right training, equipment, and treatments are used.

As a physician at a large academic medical center, I’ve become aware of the wealth of research about injury prevention, health enhancement, and performance training that’s out there but has not been discovered and utilized by the vast majority of parents, coaches and players in our country.

This blog will help change that.

Youth Basketball Medicine will offer credible, reliable information about treatments, equipment, nutrition, training programs and more that will help improve the health, fitness, and performance of young athletes so that they can enjoy, and learn from, the game of basketball.